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Cocktail Pearls Kit
  • Cocktail Pearls Kit

Cocktail Pearls Kit

Great balls of flavour

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    Pearls in a glass of Champagne

    Add pearls to your bubbles

    If you’ve been into any Michelin-starred restaurants lately (or have seen them on the telly) you’ll know about the latest craze for turning well-known flavours into smooth gels and translucent jellies. These fascinating orbs have been revolutionising cocktails and appearing on all sorts of dishes, but until now you needed an in-depth understanding of molecular gastronomy (and some high tech kit) to make them. But thanks to the Cocktail Pearls Kit this fascinating technique has been made so simple, even us spatula waving, sausage-fingered kitchen numpties can give it a try.

    Blending Adding the base Creating the pearls

    Blend the alginate with your choice of base

    Add the base to the setting bath
    with the pipette

    Watch the pearls appear instantly before your eyes


    2x 2g 'Sodium Alginate' sachets, 2x 6g 'Calcium Lactate' sachets, 2x Disposable Pipettes

    Designed with decadent alcoholic drinks in mind, the kit takes you step by step as you choose your flavour, all the way through to serving up delicious globules of the stuff. Make some Crème De Cassis pearls and drop them into champagne for a decadent twist on a Kir Royale. Or how about making some spiced tomato-flavoured ones, for a Bloody Mary Martini? Now you’re thinking outside the cocktail shaker!

    But this kit is also perfectly suited to savoury flavours and food. Try dotting a salad with balls of balsamic vinaigrette. Serve up deliciously-smooth spheres of pea-puree with smoked ham. Or how about just turning the kids’ most hated vegetables into wonderfully fun jelly drops? With this simple kit all you need to add is water, flavour and a touch of your own imagination.
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