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Cluedo Nostalgia
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Cluedo Nostalgia

The butler didn’t do it

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    close up of board

    Was it Professor Plum, with the
    lead pipe, in The Study?

    Strap on your deerstalker, slip on your grey raincoat, grow a glorious moustache, or do whatever it is you need to get your brain in detective mode. Cluedo Nostalgia takes you right back to Tudor Mansion and asks that classic question; Whodunit?

    Choose the character you’ll play in this classic murder mystery board game: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, the Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock, or Professor Plum. Peruse the clues, move from room to room and cast about wild accusations. There is a murderer in your midst. Will you be the first to find them?

    close up of board
    This classic version of the much-loved board game comes in a beautiful wooden presentation box and features wooden pieces as well. A welcome trip down memory lane; this timeless set is also a great way to introduce new detectives to Cluedo. Oh, just one more thing....

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