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    Clocky - the wacky waker-upper!

    We've seen some bonkers alarm clocks in our time but Clocky has just raised the bar. And that's because this wacky waker-upper leaps off the bedside table and scoots around looking for somewhere to hide when its alarm sounds. No, really!

    Simply set Clocky's snooze button to zero and when the alarm sounds all hell breaks loose as this madcap digital clock scurries away, making random turns and racing from your grasp as it searches for somewhere to hide, beeping and flashing all the way. Think R2D2 on Red Bull crossed with a crazy rooster and you're halfway there.


    Set up the snooze button

    Catch the clocky if you're quick enough!

    Too slow and...


    Small and cute!

    Quite obviously this means you'll have to get out of bed to switch Clocky off. Aargh! It's incredibly obnoxious but seriously effective. And let's face it, getting up in the morning isn't as easy as some people would have you believe. All that up with the lark followed by fifty push-ups malarkey is strictly for weirdos and actors in cereal ads, right? Normal people are incapable of getting out of bed without a bit of comical coercion.


    Time for hide and bleep!

    Despite Clocky's annoying scurrying, there's something unfathomably cute about an alarm clock that loves playing hide and seek. That said, all you lazybones who'd prefer not to spend the morning tripping over your p-jams will be pleased to learn that Clocky's wheels can be disabled. But that kinda defeats the object, unless of course you foresee one of those head-like-an-anvil, throat-like-a-camel's-armpit type mornings.

    With an adjustable snooze timer (can be set between 1-9 mins), Clocky really is an ideal, albeit unsubtle, device for coaxing you out of boboland. And if any of you inveterate sleepyheads are reading this thinking that you'll soon become accustomed to Clocky's routine, think again. This smart little clock is always on the lookout for different places to hide. Under the bed? Behind the door? Beneath the table? That's for Clocky to know and for you to find out! Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep...Aargh!!

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