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Clicker Universal Remote
  • Clicker Universal Remote

Clicker Universal Remote

Pop off your tops watching Top of the Pops

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    The side-mounted opener on the Clicker Universal Remote

    Side-mounted opener

    Sofa surfers of the world rejoice! The Clicker Universal Remote Control has brought us yet another reason not to leave our favourite comfy spot on the couch. How? Well, not only is this handy remote capable of controlling up to 8 separate infrared (IR) devices, but (fights back the tears) it’s also a bottle opener!

    With its sturdy side-mounted opener, this magnificent blue gizmo lets you control all aspects of your home entertainment system (terrestrial TV, DVDs, Satellite channels, cable channels, VCR, CD player, cassette player and amplifier) while merrily popping the tops off your favourite bottled fizz in the process.

    Full view of the Clicker Universal Remote
    As a wise man once said: “No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy”. Thanks to the Clicker Universal Remote Control we’re all one step further from the funny farm.

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