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What happens next will SHOCK you...

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  • 9/10 doctors agree this is a FANTASTIC game!
  • The game of coming up with hilarious clickbait for nonsense products
  • Funniest one wins, obvs
  • Don’t be too funny or you’ll get kidnapped by Buzzfeed
  • From the fab gang at Big Potato Games


Did you ever manage to lose belly fat with “this one weird old tip”? Or learn the secret of the East London mum who earns £2,000 a day from home? Obviously not. Don’t be sad though, our latest product is something you WON’T BELIEVE...

Clickbait: The Game involves coming up with the best clickbait headlines for a crazy product. 3-day clown course, anyone?

The rules are super simple: draw a random crazy product card, roll the dice to determine which letters you must use, then come up with the funniest, most convincing clickbait headline to sell your product, using the letters on the dice as an acronym. Then all of the players vote on the best one, which will obviously be yours because you’re the funniest out of all your friends by far.

With insane replay value, this sassy, cynical game comes with everything you need to become a content machine. Are you a clickbait queen or crap copywriter? Roll the dice and let’s find out!

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