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Click 'n' Cook Kitchen Set
  • Click 'n' Cook Kitchen Set

Click 'n' Cook Kitchen Set

5-in-1 kitchen multitool

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    Another Quirky product
    Clicking in the handle

    Click-in the handle... done!

    As Delia will tell you, no home-cooked meal is complete unless you have used absolutely every utensil in the kitchen. The biggest problem though is where to keep them all while your pans are busy simmering away. The worktop? Too messy. In the pans? Too dangerous.

    Living up to their status as the sharpest knives in the drawer, those clever bods at have solved this daily dilemma with the Click ‘n’ Cook. A single tactile handle locks satisfyingly into one of five different utensil heads for all of your stirring, mixing and flipping needs. When you’re finished, just return them to the storage block and release with the touch of a button. Clean and simple!

    Pulling the handle off All the parts Showing colour co-ordinated stickers

    Push in and un-click the handle

    1) Mixer, 2) Slotted spoon, 3) Long slotted spatula, 4) Classic flat spatula, 5) Extra-wide slotted spatula

    Colour co-ordinated

    When it finally comes to washing up, the whole unit breaks up into dishwasher friendly pieces, ready for your next culinary masterpiece. Magnifique!

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