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Click and Grow
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Click and Grow

Computerised plantpot

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    Special seed cartridge

    Special seed cartridge

    Life’s too short to spend time faffing about tending to houseplants. And that’s a shame because plants are guaranteed to brighten up even the geekiest of home. But unlike your inorganic Charlie Dimmock action figure plants need constant attention. So wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a plantpot that does everything for you? You can and it’s called the Click and Grow.

    Geeks rejoice because this amazing high-tech plantpot does not require regular watering, fertilising or any other extra care. Because believe it or not the seeds inside are surrounded by internal sensors, a microprocessor and special software. Yes, really. No mucky soil required. Alan Titchmarsh will be tutting in complete disbelief!

    Batteries Water level Lid

    Add the batteries

    Fill water to the max line

    Pop the lid on. Job done!

    Perfect for plant-loving layabouts with an interest in tech, Click and Grow plantpots are a doddle to use. Just pop in the batteries, add water and relax as clever electronic jiggery pokery nurtures your plant with the skill and wisdom of a dozen Monty Dons.

    Status Light

    Status light: Green = ok, Blue = needs water, Red = replace batteries

    Each Click and Grow comes with a special seed ‘cartridge’, so when you fancy growing a new plant you simply buy a new cartridge. It’s a bit like a green-fingered version of the old Atari. Okay, it isn’t, but we’re too excited watching our flowers bloom to come up with decent analogies.

    This sleek starter kit includes everything you need, including pot, sensors, fertilising system, batteries, instructions and a cartridge with software and Busy Lizzy seeds. Just add water. Think you can manage that?

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