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CleverWraps for iPads

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    iPad covered whilst cooking

    Keep your iPad clean whilst cooking

    Don’t fancy spoiling your iPad or iPad 2 with a bulky protective cover? We know what you mean. They’re awfully nice-looking bits of kit; it seems a shame to hide them. But if you’re working anywhere near water, dirt, sand or grease you’re running the risk of damaging your precious tablet without one. Unless, of course, you use CleverWraps for iPad.

    Ludicrously simple, these specially-designed plastic pockets can be completely sealed and have an adhesive strip to ensure a snug fit around your Apple tablet. Just slip your iPad in, close the built-in seal, and fold the adhesive tab over. It’s as simple as that.

    sealing the iPad in

    Seal the iPad in

    Sure, you can’t take it swimming, but it’ll keep your iPad safe from all but the most violent of splashes. What’s more it’s ideal if you’re handling it with wet or dirty hands; such as when you’re cooking, out in the rain, or at the beach. The thin sleeve ensures there’s no loss of functionality at all, so you’re free to type, scroll and tap away as you normally would.

    Far easier and faster to fit than a typical cover, CleverWraps are the affordable, disposable solution that let you show off your iPad’s looks and protect it at the same time.

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