CleverWraps for Kindle 3
  • CleverWraps for Kindle 3

CleverWraps for Kindle 3

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    CleverWrap over the Kindle 3

    Protect your Kindle 3

    Everyone’s talking about Kindles these days; and how they’ll spell the end for printed books. But for all their game-changing functionality they’re just as prone to being ruined by a spilt cup of tea as any paperback. So if you’re stepping out with your tablet-lite (tablite?) make sure it’s protected with CleverWraps for Kindle 3.

    Ludicrously simple, these specially-designed plastic pockets can be completely sealed and have an adhesive strip to ensure a snug fit around your Kindle. Just pop it in, close the seal, and fold the adhesive tab over so that it grips your Kindle tightly. It’s as simple as that.

    Sure, you can’t take down a waterslide, but it’ll keep your Kindle safe from all but the most violent of splashes. What’s more it’s ideal if you’re handling it with wet or dirty hands; such as when you’re cooking, out in the rain, or at the beach.

    Far easier and faster to fit than a typical cover, CleverWraps are the affordable, disposable solution that let you show off your tablite and protect it at the same time.

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