Classic Novel iPad Covers
  • Classic Novel iPad Covers
  • Classic Novel iPad Covers

Classic Novel iPad Covers

Judge an iPad by its cover

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    In the olden days, people used to read these things called ‘books’. Apparently they were made from paper and ink and string and glue. They used to have lots of pages and really great pictures on the front; but they were huge and heavy and really inconvenient. Thankfully technology came to the rescue again with these new-fangled iPad machines.

    Now, apparently it’s poor form to make sweeping generalisations about something or someone based on their appearance. But who are we kidding? There’s no doubt that e-readers have made it infinitely easier to carry your favourite reading material everywhere you go, but unlike those classic books of yesteryear, they’re just so very plain and boring to look at.

    Well fear not digital bookworms! Because here’s 4 gorgeously designed, minimalist ways to protect your precious iPad and reclaim some of that cultural credit by repping your favourite piece of classic literature.

    Inspired by classics from the likes of Charles Darwin, George Orwell and L Frank Baum, the contemporary cover designs will have everyone on the train/plane/park bench marvelling at your sophisticated appreciation of technology and design. Your old literature teacher (and your iPad) will be so proud.

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