Classic Hip Hop Pencils
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Classic Hip Hop Pencils

Express yourself

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  • Grasp the indisputable verse-writing power of the pencil
  • The ideal 2B for an MC
  • Goodbye 'Staedtler' hello 'BABY GOT BACK'
  • Perfect for forgetful lyricists who forget which bars they've spat
  • They start off Biggie but end up Smalls after sharpening


Got a story to tell? Thinking of a master plan? Want to get the message across?

Writing lyrics – it's tricky, it's an everyday struggle, it ain't easy. But aspiring rappers delight because these Classic Hip Hop Pencils are the C.R.E.A.M of the crop and they'll get the job done.

Do the right thing, the world is yours, so show off your holy intellect and express yourself.

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