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Classic Bow and Mallow
  • Classic Bow and Mallow

Classic Bow and Mallow

Victory is sweet (and squishy)

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    The bow

    Just add marshmallows!

    Throwing marshmallows at people has got to be the most infantile activity known to man, right? Wrong, because firing them from a bow is even sillier. And seeing as it’s infinitely more effective, we’ve decided to ship in a load of Classic Bow and Mallows for your squishy projectile-flinging pleasure. Doing!

    Ideal for getting medieval on thine enemy, this powerful sweetie slinger holds 25 mini marshmallows in its tubular magazine, so you won’t need a quiver as you embark upon your campaign of sugary terror. Better still, it fires its squashy ammo up to 30ft. ‘In your face, Sir Guy of Gisbourne!’

    Simply pull back the bow to create a build-up of air pressure in the ammo chamber, aim and release. Splat! You can even fire off a relentless mallow barrage, Legolas styley. Growing a stupid wrestling style mullet is entirely optional (although let’s face it, you’re clearly not particularly image conscious if you’re getting excited at the thought of running around firing marshmallows at co-workers).

    animation: Rik firing bow

    The bow will shoot up to 25 mini marshmallows over 30ft without reloading!

    put the bow together

    Quick and easy to assemble

    Needless to say things can get pretty sticky in the heat of full-on marshmallow battle so thank goodness the Bow and Mallow’s transparent ammo mag is dishwasher safe. ‘Oh this? It’s just a piece off my chemistry set dear. You wouldn’t understand.’

    Granted, in these Nerf-raddled times, firing confectionery from a comedy bow might seem a tad old-fashioned – and it is – but who cares about that when you’re about to save Maid Marian (okay, Deidre from accounts) from the clutches of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘Hark, incoming marshmallow!’

    parts in the kit

    The bow comes apart for easy storage, but is quickly put back together for a stealthy marshmallow assault!

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