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Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers
  • Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers

Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers

My army’s better than your army!

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    Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers

    In the army now

    Here at Firebox HQ we love a man in uniform. To this end we’ve decided to enter the toy soldier business. And not just any toy soldiers but re-issues of Airfix’s classic 1:32 scale military figures. Atten-shun!

    These highly detailed plastic figures captivated an entire generation of WWII obsessed boys back in the 20th century, and any man over the age of *embarrassed cough* will remember them with genuine affection. You might even have a few AWOL figures sitting amongst the Lego blocks and Dinky cars in that old biscuit tin back home.

    Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers

    Handy with a paint brush?
    (Paints not included)

    Using the same moulds as the original soldiers, Airfix has opted for a new plastic, ‘K-Resin’, which is easier to paint than the original fiddly polythene – not that we knew many kids who bothered with that; most were too busy re-enacting classic pincer movements on the carpet, yelling ‘schnell’, ‘c’mon chaps’ and ‘atatatatata!’ whilst showering the enemy with ketchup. That said, these soldiers do look pretty cool with a lick of Humbrol Enamel in the relevant areas.

    Each memory jogging box contains 14 unpainted figures in a variety of warlike poses: chucking grenades, firing rifles, radioing HQ – you name it. Choose from German Infantry, US Infantry, German Paratroops and British Infantry.

    Painted figure Painted figure Painted figure

    Accident prone

    Trigger happy


    Classic Airfix Toy Soldiers

    Classic box artwork

    Speaking of boxes, each one features original artwork with new backgrounds and the classic Airfix target logo. They’re so evocative you’ll be barking orders at your titchy troops faster than you can say ‘Ja, mein Oberfeldwebel’.

    We know war sucks but collecting, painting and arranging (okay, playing with) toy soldiers is great fun. Older fans can even plonk a few on the desk (‘look out, enemy sniper behind the stapler!’) or shove some down the side of the sofa for old time’s sake. So what are you waiting for? Quick march and get ordering!

    The different sets available...

    British Infantry and US Infantry

    British Infantry


    US Infantry

    German Paratroops and German Infantry

    German Paratroops


    German Infantry


    You get 14 figures in each set!

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