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Citrange Juicer
  • Citrange Juicer

Citrange Juicer

Ooh, I could crush a grapefruit

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    scale shot

    Orange to juice to glass to yummy

    Squeezing your own fruit juice is a terribly trendy thing to do, but if you’re anything like us it usually ends in a sticky worktop, pips on the ceiling and a splash of juice so scant a fruit fly wouldn’t bother to stop.

    Well, thanks to the Citrange Juicer our shame can be short lived. Aside from its stylish looks, this innovative squeezer has been made to suit all fruits. So whether you’re squeezing a huge grapefruit or a tiny lime, one of the two specially-shaped ends will do the job with aplomb.

    keep the pips away from your juice

    The juice filter through the Citrange

    All of the juice released is funnelled cleanly into small holes in the central spindle, directly into your glass – keeping it away from your hands. Any pips are filtered out, so you can be sure of a smooth glass of your favourite J.

    When you’ve finished with the Citrange Juicer just rinse it under the tap, or pop it in the dishwasher. Easy peasy... ah you know the rest.

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