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Ciroc Vodka
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Ciroc Vodka

Your after-show party piece

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    Ciroc Vodka

    Finest French Vodka,
    made from grapes!

    Sean, Puffy, Puff-Daddy, Diddy, P-Diddy, D-Piffy, Seanypuffs. Whatever the famous rapper/producer happens to be calling himself today, one thing’s for certain – the man likes Ciroc Vodka. And so do we. But not because it’s backed by a multimedia legend; it’s because it’s made using grapes.

    That’s right, grapes! Not wheat, grains, potatoes or any of the usual starchy nonsense. This premium quality vodka is distilled five times from the finest fruit France has to offer; giving it a crisp, smooth taste that’s a world away from your usual Baltic hogwash.

    Too good for cocktails (well, almost) or diluting with mixers, serve it over ice at your next after-show party to dazzle your guests. Or keep it in the freezer to enjoy on those rare nights away from the media spotlight. Ah... this is the A-list life.
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