Cider Stocking
  • Cider Stocking

Cider Stocking

Move over mulled wine

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  • Home brew 10 pints of festive cider inside this giant stocking
  • Ready to guzzle down in just 48 hours
  • Just add water – it couldn't be easier
  • Built-in tap so you can suckle booze straight from the stocking


If Santa was real and actually gave a damn about what we wanted for Christmas – we'd all get a Cider Stocking this year.

This oversized festive sock contains everything you need to brew 10 pints of delicious DIY cider in just 48 hours. No need to juice a dozen apples or meticulously sterilise a plastic barrel in the attic – just add water.

Hang up your stocking and after a couple of days you'll get to enjoy Christmas cider on tap for the remainder of the festive period. It's the perfect alternative to Bucks Fizz, Sherry, Egg Nog and all those other disappointing festive drinks.
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