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Chugalug Drinks Factory
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Chugalug Drinks Factory

Pour, whoosh, swish, mix, cheers!

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    Chugalug Drinks Factory
    If you think flashy, bottle-juggling cocktail waiters are ridiculous, wait until you see the Chugalug Drinks Factory in action. Making the average glass-twirling bar monkey seem about as wacky as Tim Henman, this bizarre contraption makes creating cocktails a highly amusing experience - and we should know because we've made thousandsh shinsh our shamples arrived.

    The idea is to stick this strange, Wonka-esque collection of translucent pods, vortex funnels and chambers to any flat surface (fridge, filing cabinet, window, boss's door, you name it) via the included suction cups. Next, pour your drinks into the funnels at the top (booze in one, mixer in the other) and watch in wonder as your concoction gives in to gravity, whooshing around the Chugalug's various bits and bobs. At the end of its journey your tipple will be waiting in the special ice chamber, perfectly mixed and ready to be dispensed into a glass. Cool!

    Chugalug Drinks Factory

    Pour drinks at the top

    Watch it slosh around

    Enjoy a chilled cocktail!

    Chugalug Drinks Factory

    Give your fridge a makeover!

    As far as daft party gizmos go, this is right up there with the infamous Yard of Ale Glass and it's guaranteed to give your do's an instant nutty professor vibe, especially when you're watching your drink slosh around those vortex funnels. Indeed it makes mixing cocktails the conventional way seem as entertaining as shelling peanuts.

    Best of all you can create your own set-ups using the Chugalug's various components. Customised cocktails? Yes please! Oh yes, we almost forgot; you can also use this crazy device to make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Which, although fun, is a bit like using a beer pump to dispense lemonade into a martini glass.
    Chuglug Drinks Factory

    The Mill

    The Propeller

    The Tank

    The Ice Chamber

    Whatever you choose to mix, we think the Chugalug Drinks Factory is going to fly off the shelves faster than you can say Harvey Wallbanger. So hurry up and get Chugalugging. Cheers!

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