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Christmas Tree Poster
  • Christmas Tree Poster

Christmas Tree Poster

No more needles

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    The heart-warming image of a family decorating a Christmas tree is a festive classic: sweet sherry sitting above the fireplace as mum and dad arrange the tinsel; faces lighting up as twinkling lights are draped across branches; Slade playing on the radio as cockney street urchins throw snowballs outside...hang on, we're confusing our eras here.

    Christmas Tree Poster

    Novelty Socks!
    ...You shouldn't have.

    The point is this cosy cliché is a load of old codswallop. Put simply, Christmas trees are a flippin' nightmare. It's a miracle if the lights work, there are needles and smashed balls all over the floor and you can never quite reach the fairy (insert your own joke here). And that's after you've nearly broken your back carrying the thing home.

    Fortunately you won't have to suffer any of the above this year thanks to the ingenious Christmas Tree Poster. Depicting a fully decorated tree in all its festive glory, this huge, high quality print is ideal for anyone who can't be bothered erecting a real tree. Simply unroll it and bung it on the wall. Easy!

    Christmas Tree Poster

    Roll up!

    At almost 6ft tall, the Christmas Tree Poster is so realistic visitors might even be fooled into thinking it's real (assuming they've been hitting the egg nog all afternoon). And with a price tag that even Scrooge would approve of, this festive piccy is a great way of adding a touch of Christmas cheer to your home or office. If space is limited it's a no-brainer.

    Christmas Tree Poster

    I want to be a treeee

    When Christmas is over, simply roll up the poster and shove it back in its storage tube until next year. No mess, no fuss, no sawing up into itty-bitty pieces and waiting till July for the council to collect the remains. It really is genius!

    If you're predicting a party-filled festive season, the Christmas Tree Poster is perfect - trying to hang balls on a tree when your head feels like it's been walloped by a frozen turkey is enough to send you crackers. And even if you still fancy buying a real tree, this handy poster serves as additional festive foliage. So hurry up and get ordering. To quote Sir Noddy of Holder: IT'S CHRISTMAS!!

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