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Christmas Jumpers for Dogs
  • Christmas Jumpers for Dogs
  • Christmas Jumpers for Dogs
  • Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

Dogs in Blankets

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  • Embrace the festive values of sharing
  • Look at them, look at their little faces - they love these jumpers
  • Traditional design with a cheeky twist. Tacky to the core
  • Hand-knitted by raunchy grandmas (maybe)
  • Extremely limited quantities available


It is well known that all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names, they'd never let poor Rudolph join in any of their reindeer games. Well that randy red-nosed rascal's circumstances seem to have significantly changed, just look who's having all the fun in this filthy rutting threesome.

The priceless joy of mounting another animal and then being simultaneously mounted yourself is a feeling that many a mucky canine can relate to. So why not treat your frisky little friend and sprinkle on a bit of crude Christmas cheer with this Reindeer Threesome Christmas Jumper for Dogs.

Just cast your eyes upon the dogs in that picture above. Sure, one of them wouldn't look at the camera like a stubborn wretch but the rest are absolutely loving life. They're proud of those jumpers. They think they're people! It has enriched their Christmas.

We say if they're going to tear your presents to shreds and plunder your Christmas dinner anyway, then they might as well do it in style.

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