Christmas Dinner in a Can
  • Christmas Dinner in a Can

Christmas Dinner in a Can

Christmas Dinner? Yes we Can

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    Hot and steamy!

    So the turkey’s lost in transit, someone spilled the stuffing or you’re just doing a spot of Christmas camping. Well, never fear, because thanks to the Christmas Dinner HotCan everyone can enjoy a piping-hot, pre-packed Christmas meal.

    When it’s time for your festive feast, simply remove the rubber cap, pierce the holes, open the insulated can and try not to drool on yourself as a totally safe exothermic reaction heats up your Christmas chow in about 12 minutes. We’ve heard of convenience food but this is ridiculous. Mmm…Turkey casserole with all the trimmings.


    Place the can on its lid


    Pierce outer jacket with key (included)


    Open can and wait 12 minutes


    Crackers not included (sorry)

    Of course this whole exercise would be completely pointless if food was a flop, but HotCan recipes are really rather delish. You won’t be awarding any Michelin Stars, but they’re certainly up there with your respectable ready meals. Plus, Your Christmas Dinner HotCan is nutritionally balanced, so as well as satisfying all your Christmas cravings, you’ll stay trim and terrific.
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