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Chopper Patrol

    Chopper Patrol

    Pilot a helicopter around the ‘hood without endangering life and limb.

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      Piloting a helicopter in an enclosed space can be difficult at the best of times. Piloting one inside your home/office is nigh on impossible. (And in case you're wondering - yes, we are talking about toy helicopters. Even we wouldn't be stupid enough to try it with a real one). The thing is, although the majority of today's model helicopters are of the small, plastic, battery operated variety, it's still advisable to fly them outdoors. Failure to do so can send paperwork a fluttering (amusing), ornaments a toppling (not so amusing) and cat heads a tumbling (plain unfunny!)

      So how exactly do all you chopper-fixated indoors-types get your kicks without incurring the wrath of bosses and housemates? Some of you may remember a similar toy called "Vertibird" which was popular way back in the seventies, and thanks to a customer suggestion we have managed to track down an all new and improved 21st century version!

      Essentially, Chopper Patrol is a police-style helicopter attached to a wire 'boom arm' which in turn is attached to a central base. As the helicopter circles the base you control altitude and direction via a simple dual throttle. You can make the copter hover, climb, descend and go forward/reverse. With a little practice you can make on-the-spot landings on the accessories and 48" playmat and pick up/drop off your cargo.

      Included in the setup is a 4ft mat depicting a police scene, plus three fold-up city buildings (police station, hospital and hi-rise tower) and a light-up landing pad.

      The idea is that you place the various pick-up accessories (motorcycle, racing car, police horse, police car, road barrier and road block) around the scene and use the chopper’s ‘Skyhook’ to pick them up and transport them around. Sounds easy, but it is actually fiendishly tricky (and thus highly addictive). The realistic chopper sound effects only add to the air of tension, as do the flashing lights on your control unit.

      Manoeuvering the chopper into position and hovering around the pick-ups is more difficult than saying ‘Jan-Michael Vincent rules’ with a mouthful of marshmallows. And that’s precisely what gives Chopper Patrol full marks in the ‘one more go’ stakes. For something so simple this really is fabulously absorbing. In fact, buy Chopper Patrol and we guarantee you’ll be talking fluent Police Pilot-ese in no time. Alpha, Oscar, Foxtrot and goodnight!

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