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Healthy chocolate? I should cacao!

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    having a cuppa Chocolate Cha

    Smooth, creamy, light and refreshing!

    Is it tea-infused chocolate... or chocolate-infused tea? Well we’re pleased to tell you that not only is Chocolatea the latter; it’s also good for you!

    Brew a delicious hot cuppa with this delicate infusion of Japanese sencha (green tea) leaves and organic cacao nibs – the raw ingredient for chocolate. The resulting tea is smooth and creamy while still being light and refreshing. And not only is it packed with the goodness of green tea, the cacao in its raw form is also a rich source of useful minerals and anti-oxidants, including flavonoids and polyphenols.

    Close up

    A blend of raw organic caocao nibs and sencha

    What are these? Haven’t the foggiest! But we’re told they make you feel like the cat’s pyjamas. Well they’re bound to aren’t they? Curbing your chocolate cravings while still being good for you –it sounds too good to be true.

    But if you’re reading this thinking tea-infused chocolate would’ve been better after all, don’t be too down-hearted.
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