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Chocolate and China Clay Face Mask
  • Chocolate and China Clay Face Mask

Chocolate and China Clay Face Mask

You’ve got chocolate on your face

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  • A deep cleansing, warm face mask combining natural detoxifying qualities of pure Cornish Kaolin clay (china clay) and antioxidant rich 100% pure Colombian ‘fino de aroma’ cacao
  • Ingredients: 8 Cacao Discs (Theobroma cacao) 40g, Cornish China Clay (Kaolin) 100g
Cornwall meets Columbia. All over your face!

Treat yourself to some chocolatey goodness with these indulgent face masks made from Colombian cacao and pure Kaolin clay from Cornwall.

The Chocolate and China Clay Face Mask (4 per pack) absorbs excess oil, deeply embedded muck and make-up. Both ingredients ply your beautiful weathered face with minerals, flavonoids and helpful sounding antioxidents. After use, skin feels smoother, softer and deep cleansed.

Hungrily regenerate and pamper yourself into relaxation and a fresh faced future!

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