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Chocolate Starfish
  • Chocolate Starfish
  • Chocolate Starfish

Chocolate Starfish

From the bottom of the sea

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  • As crude or as innocent as you want it to be
  • Belgian white chocolate with a classy touch of bourbon vanilla
  • Hand-painted and bleached for your pleasure
  • Hot dog flavoured water sold separately


The Chocolate Starfish. On the one hand it represents everyone's favourite piece of sexy anatomy – the balloon knot, the rusty sheriffs badge, the winking brown eye. On the other it's merely a loveable echinoderm made from luxurious Belgian white chocolate.

They can reproduce sexually or asexually, shed their limbs in self-defence and they eat and poop via the same marvellous orifice. We can't think of a more romantic sea creature to help convey your intimate (and deviant) sexual desires.

This forbidden delicacy is hand-painted and made from the finest Belgian white chocolate, using 100% pure cocoa butter, premium milk powders and a touch of pure Bourbon vanilla to give it a balanced creamy flavour – it's a damn sight more palatable than the real thing.
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2 Reviews

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  • "Very good. Well made, looks great, tastes great. Will definitely get again!"
    E - 24th of June, 2016
  • "Absolutely beautiful - almost too nice to eat! (but eaten it will be!!!)."
    Vicki - 28th of February, 2016