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Chocolate Shooters
  • Chocolate Shooters

Chocolate Shooters

Drinking chocolate...sort of

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    Downing potent shots and scoffing chocolate are two of life's great pleasures, so why not combine the two? Well, guess what? We have and they're called Chocolate Shooters.

    Chocolate Shooters

    Pour in your favourite tipple!

    These sleek, shot glass-style vessels are crafted in scrumptious quality chocolate, mmm...chocolate! Simply fill them with your favourite intoxicating drinkie-poos, down the shot and get scoffing. How delightfully sinful.

    During our exhaustive testing procedures we discovered that Bailey's and fruit-based libations work best with these wickedly decadent choccies. Ooh, we love the smell of chocolate when we're getting our laughing gear around a B52! In fact, decanting almost any booze into a Chocolate Shooter makes it taste better - trust us, we've tried the lot.

    Chocolate Shooters

    Your dinner party guests will be very impressed!

    Chocolate Shooters

    Authentic shotglass shape!

    Beautifully packaged, Chocolate Shooters are ideal for dinner parties, posh soirees and Willy Wonka theme evenings. Turn up with a box of these babies and fellow guests are guaranteed to be impressed, because as well as being incredibly original, Chocolate Shooters will encourage even the squarest of diner to down a few shots. Drinking from glasses? Boring!

    Chocolate Shooters

    Scoff your chocglass!

    Chocolate Shooters won't help as part of a calorie-controlled diet and they're so scrummy reformed chocoholics could well slip off the wagon when faced with a boxful. But who cares about that when you're nibbling on the rim of your 'chocglass' and poking your tongue in a pool of limoncello?

    Chocolate Shooters

    Beautifully finished box

    We think Chocolate Shooters are going to fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'me gobths full of thocolate'. After all, chocolates and booze - what's not to like? So hurry up and hit the Buy button before we scoff the lot. Sweet!

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