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    Deluxe Model

    Our Deluxe Fountain (SRP £89.95) features a brushed stainless steel finish, inset logo and is slightly taller than the Standard Model previously available. It also ships with a FREE 900g of Belgian Chocolate (Milk or Dark - your choice) to get you started straight out of the box!

    The Deluxe Chocolate Fountain has been updated and now features a deeper bowl that creates a better, smoother flow of chocolate.

    "Invention is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation and 2% butterscotch ripple." Yes, we know that makes 105% but Willy Wonka said it so who are we to argue? Speaking of the eccentric chocolatier, we wouldn't be at all surprised if he had a hand in the creation of the quite magical Chocolate Fountain, as it looks like something you might find in the depths of his enchanted factory.

    Chocolate Fondue Fountain Yes, chocolate-lovers, the spectacular Chocolate Fountain really does flow with lashings of liquid choccy. All you have to do is fill it up, turn it on and watch in wonder. Once you've recovered from the shock of seeing those mesmerising curtains of cascading Belgian chocolate you can get busy dipping your delicacies into the fountain's warm liquid embrace. Strawberries are stupendous, fudge is fantabulous and marshmallows are magnificent (forgive the alliteration - we're feeling wonderfully Wonka-esque). But the truth is, pretty much anything you can shove on a stick tastes amazing when it's covered in warm, gooey chocolate.

    Chocolate Fondue Fountain So how does the easy-to-use Chocolate Fountain work, then? Well, we'd love to tell you that a team of Oompa Loompas has been crammed inside but we know you're not that gullible. (Besides, we've looked). Basically the chocolate is heated in the basin and then carried to the top of the fountain via a rotating internal shaft. Apparently this eliminates the usual blockages associated with pumps (something Mr Wonka could've done with when Augustus Gloop got greedy) so your fountain will always flow smoothly.

    Chocolate Fountain This beautifully built stainless-steel structure is perfect for parties and sweet-toothed soirees, and you can imagine the commotion it causes when guests clap eyes on it (think Golden Ticket holders gawping at the Chocolate Room and you're halfway there). You'll be cracking it out at every opportunity.

    Chocolate Fountain The Chocolate Fountain is so extraordinary we wouldn't be surprised if it sold out faster than a whole heap of WonkaBars during a Golden Ticket promotion, so we suggest you get ordering now. Altogether now: "Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of... "

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