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Chocolate Draughts

Jump, jump, jump! Om-nom-nom

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    Go after the white chocolate ones!

    Board games can often live up to their name. Because you only play them when you’re bo-oored! Oh alright, that gag doesn’t really work written down; but board games really are often the last resort when you’re stuck for something to do. Well not anymore! Because some ingenious choc-scoffin’ boffins have combined a range of classic board games with delicious milk chocolates.

    Just take a look at Chocolate Draughts. Often derided as the uncultured cousin of Chess, this game really comes into its own when the pieces are made from milk and white chocolate. Hop over your opponent’s pieces and triumphantly eat them as you go. Or better still, turn up the thermostat and take your opponent’s pieces before yours turn to chocolatey goop.

    But the fun doesn’t have to end there, because the plastic trays containing your chocolate draughts pieces can be used to make more. Just melt down your favourite chocs and pour them into the tray to build your new set. You could even mix up the flavours and create one side in dark chilli chocolate and the other in creamy white chocolate with wasabi. How’s that for turning up the heat?
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