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Chocolate Chunk Mug
  • Chocolate Chunk Mug

Chocolate Chunk Mug

Chunk off the old block

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    If the mere mention of chocolate causes your heart to flutter, isn’t it time you paid tribute to the greatest chocolate in the world. No, not that exorbitant Swiss stuff or the sickly clumps of glunge they serve at the ambassador’s residence. We’re talking about Cadburys, and more specifically the Chocolate Chunk Mug.

    Resembling a whopping great block of original Dairy Milk, this high quality ceramic mug is the ideal gift for the chocoholic with everything. If it looks familiar that’s because it was originally released back in the Eighties. So in a way it’s double retro because Dairy Milk was first produced in 1905. Over a century of glass and a half goodness? What’s not to love?

    We think these yummy looking vessels are destined to sell faster than you can bash out a Phil Collins drum lick dressed as a gorilla, so get ordering. Mmm….chocolate!

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