Choc a Bloc Mould
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Choc a Bloc Mould

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    Chocolate bar cake!

    Massive birthday choccy bar cake!

    Don’t worry, you’re not sitting too close to the screen. The Choc a Bloc Mould lets you bake cakes in the shape of an enormous chocolate bar. But wait a second... why not just make humungous chocolate bars?

    Just imagine melting down loads of your favourite chocolate and turning it into a bar this big! You could even make a white chocolate/milk chocolate marble mix. Or layer them one on top of the other. How about adding biscuit, fruit, marshmallow or even brownie pieces? Yes, it’s incredibly naughty. But we won’t judge you (as long as you send pictures).

    Holding the mould

    Silicone mould

    When used in a slightly more serious way, this soft silicone cake mould is incredibly easy to use. Peeling easily away from your freshly-baked cakes it’s ideal for preserving the chunky choc bar details. What’s more, once you’ve turned out your cake you can pop the Choc a Bloc Mould straight in your dishwasher. So you won’t even need to burn any vital calories washing up. Nice.

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