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    Chip Shotz Golf


    Desktop playthings have come a long way since those chrome pendulum doodahs mesmerised a generation of idle executives. Then again, Chip Shotz Golf still involves knocking balls around. The difference is, this supremely daft diversion is about a zillion times more entertaining.


    Flick to swing

    The premise is simple: design your course (okay, arrange the greens, trees, water hazard and bunker on your desk) and get chipping by flicking the handle on the back of your little golfer. There's a real knack to getting just the right amount of swing power and we guarantee you'll be hooked faster than you can say Severiano Ballesteros.

    Chip Shotz Golf


    Thanks to a few well-placed magnets you'll soon be pulling off impossible chip shots, Tiger-tastic hole-in-ones and more. And the better you get the more difficult you can make the course. It's like being a pro golfer and a top-flight course designer in one. Sort of.

    We executed some quite astonishing shots during the recent Firebox Open; someone even managed a cross-desk hole-in-one. Amazing! Granted, Chip Shotz Golf doesn't look particularly chic and it won't impress your PA (what, haven't you got one?) but it does allow all you wannabe Tigers to hone your swing at work without having to replace divots in your desk.

    Chip Shotz Golf

    Practise makes perfect with a little help from the magnetic surface!

    An ideal gift for golf fans of all ages, Chip Shotz Golf is a perfect desktop distraction. Work? What work? Better still you can sweep the entire shebang into the nearest drawer when the boss passes by. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering - a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at work. Fore!

    Chip Shotz Golf

    Design your own course using the above elements

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