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Chimeras - Mix and Match Animals
  • Chimeras - Mix and Match Animals
  • Chimeras - Mix and Match Animals

Chimeras - Mix and Match Animals

Do them some 'arm

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  • Genetic engineering gets the soft cuddly makeover it deserves
  • Species combinations so infinite your kid’s brain may implode
  • Limbs pop in & out effortlessly. Good, because kids don't like to try
  • Unbearably adorable


Looking for something to stimulate the transgenic scientist in your little one? Well, consider that search officially called off. Behold, Chimeras. Perhaps the most magnificent soft toy to ever grace the universe.

With interchangeable arms, ears and legs, you can meddle with species until your heart’s content. Chimeras also come in pairs – so the exchange of body parts can begin immediately. Plus, it just so happens that the softness of these little guys is drool-inducingly glorious, which is nice.

Think your kids are annoying and weird? Do they boast infuriating attention spans and a worrying penchant for destruction? It’s called creativity, damnit! And it’s about time you embraced it.

Give them a Chimera Mix ‘n’ Match Plush and let them get a little weird. Soft, cuddly genetic engineering right in the palm of their grubby little hands. Go forth and mutilate.

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  • "Fantastic! lovely and soft and cuddly. If you end up with an elebat or an batephant you'll always have a smile."
    Nicola - 10th of February, 2016