Chimay 3 Litre Beer Bottle
  • Chimay 3 Litre Beer Bottle

Chimay 3 Litre Beer Bottle

One massive bottle of beer on the wall...

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    Developed by trappist monks in Belgium, Chimay is usually found in respectable 33cl bottles. But not here. The Chimay 3L Beer Bottle is an official double magnum of wonderful beer.

    Of course, looking like a double-sized magnum of champagne, rather than a bottle of beer, is part of this bottle’s appeal. The other part is the incredible richness in flavour that comes from allowing this much beer to be bottled into one vessel. Over time, Chimay’s signature notes of port and tasty caramel are allowed to mature in a way that couldn’t be possible in pidgy little 33cl bottles. Perfect for the beer fan in your life, or as a grand gesture this Father’s Day. Well... you bought him chocolates last year.

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