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Chilly Towels
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Chilly Towels

Frozen peas? Pah!

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    Cool yourself down after a workout

    Is it getting hot in here or what? Probably, but when you’re surrounded by steaming hot products it goes with the territory. But don’t think we sit here all day stewing in sweat as we type – goodness no, we cool off with Chilly Towels.

    100% cotton these incredibly refreshing, lightly fragranced pre-packaged towels are seriously cool, literally, straight out of the pack, so you can cool down on the fly. For an extra icy rubdown simply pop one in the fridge for a couple of hours and it will remain cool for up to two hours. Ooh, the relief! They’re ideal for joggers, cyclists, sweaty execs, chefs, beach dwellers, clubbers or anyone who’s travelled a few stops on the Northern Line.

    open the pack

    Tear open the pouch

    Beating the heat with a Chilly Towel is infinitely more convenient than rival cooling down techniques (head in an icebox, ice cubes down the pants, frozen peas rubdown), and once they’ve performed their cooling magic you can use them as regular face towels or dish cloths. All you need to do now is work up a sweat.

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