Chillsner Beer Cooler
  • Chillsner Beer Cooler
  • Chillsner Beer Cooler
  • Chillsner Beer Cooler

Chillsner Beer Cooler

For Perspiring Pilsner

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  • The world's first in-bottle drink-through beer chiller
  • Never have to endure scandalous warm beer again
  • Freezes quickly, chills perfectly and cleans easily
  • Sleek and stylish stainless steel design


We all know that glorious feeling, it’s a hot summer's day and you’re handed a beer that’s so impossibly cold you think it simply must be frozen, it has to be. But it’s not. It’s just right. It’s ecstasy.

We’re incredibly excited to present to you the Chillsner - the only true way to ensure that you experience this magnificent sensation again and again and again. It’s the first ever in-bottle beer chiller that you can actually drink through and it’s putting an end to disappointing warm beers everywhere.

Thermal gel sealed inside its sleek steel body stays lovely and frosty for much longer than ice and it won’t dilute your precious Pilsner. Once inserted, four large flow vents deliver a smooth and consistent stream of ice-cold perfection. And as if this wasn’t enough, a simple downward press turns the Chillsner into a handy airtight seal to keep your beer from going flat.

There’s nothing worse than drinking a warm beer and now there are simply no more excuses.

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  • "What a cool idea (pun intended). Instant cooling of your fave beverage. I think, perhaps, that a design award is in order."
    Paul - 21st of January, 2016
  • "Perfect gift for the guy who has everything. Great bonus of them being a pair so one can be used while the other is freezing!"
    Siobhan - 24th of September, 2015