Chillow Pillow
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Chillow Pillow

The best side of the pillow

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    adding water

    Fill the pillow with water

    Let us take you on a journey…sit back, relax and imagine for just a moment, the cold side of the pillow. Oh it’s so lovely, so comforting, so calming, so…..yawwwn. Sorry, we just drifted off there. Now, imagine if you could have the cold side all the time. Well, imagine no more, as the original Chillow Pillow has just bedded itself onto the Firebox shelves!

    This ingeniously named sleep-aid not only helps you drift off into the ultimate slumber, it stays cool and soothes you while you get your eight hours rest. Simply fill the Chillow Pillow with cold tap water and let it absorb into the patented foam core. Like magic, this creates a cool memory foam which, once activated, will keep on working so your tired little noggin can sink in and doze off in complete comfort.

    rolling the pillow

    Remove the air after chilling

    At just 2cm thick, the first-of-its-kind Chillow Pillow will also ease headaches, hot flushes, night sweats, aches and pains and even sunburn and eczema, plus it’s allergy-free so it’s ideal for sensitive types. So, why hold back? Don’t be shy, you’ve just found the coolest bed partner ever.

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