Chill Bill Fridge Freshener
  • Chill Bill Fridge Freshener
  • Chill Bill Fridge Freshener
  • Chill Bill Fridge Freshener

Chill Bill Fridge Freshener

Emperor of squashing smells



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Chill Bill Fridge Freshener
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  • Penguin shaped odour absorber
  • Patrols all hemispheres of your fridge
  • Baking soda powered aquatic angel


Every time you open the fridge, you forget its coming. That waft. The uneasy realisation that something is rotten in Denmark. Something smells. And it’s your attitude to fridge hygiene!

Or maybe we’ve got you all wrong. Maybe you have im-peck-able Olympic standard cleanliness, but you understand that it’s a constant struggle and you need some help.

Either way, you’ll want to invest in Chill Bill. Whether as a solution, preventative medicine OR you just want a lovely cute aquatic companion in your home - Chill fits the Bill.

Simply fill Bill’s p,p,p, perfect p,p, plastic p,p,p penguin body with baking soda, stash him in the door or corner of your fridge and leave him to soak up all the funky odours.

Even the best of us could do with help on stock rotation and fresh replenishment. Half finished onions, open packets of blue cheese, oily fish (Bill’s fave), dirty milk and other such criminal atrocities can sneak up on everyone. That’s why you need a little insurance.

You need to Chill Bill..

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4 Reviews

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  • "A great and speedy service. Thanks."
    - 31st of October, 2018
  • "I laugh every time I open the fridge. "
    Matt - 26th of September, 2018
  • "Bought for my Mum as a Christmas present and she seemed really happy with it (instantly started using it!)"
    Danielle - 4th of January, 2018
  • "I love it! Doesn't take up much room in fridge and does the trick"
    Gemma - 31st of May, 2017