Chic MP10

    Chic MP10

    Chic and cheerful

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      First things first.... if you can live with the name you will be the proud owner of a very small, light and quite highly specified mp3 player.

      For a shade under £120.00 you get 128Mb of on-board memory (not expandable but its tiny so what do you expect?) a backlit LCD with artist, song and title support (ID3) and a reasonably fast USB connection.

      Chic MP10 This is a very small player and it fits snuggly into your hand with easy access to all the buttons and easy to use menu system for changing the contrast, repeat modes etc.

      We tested this player using a set of plug metallic earphones and the Linkin Park album. Play this little beauty and full volume in Rock mode and you get NO bass distortion. The bass is very deep and it sounds great played nice and loud. One of the features of the Chic is the facility to remember the position of the track you were listening to before it was turned off, a very good feature and one we know people will find very useful.

      Chic MP10 The Chic is available in silver.

      Our conclusion is that the Chic is a great sounding player and, value for money wise, it certainly gives some of our other players a good run for their money.

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