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Chewbacca Talking 9" Plush
  • Chewbacca Talking 9" Plush

Chewbacca Talking 9" Plush

Soft on the outside, Chewie in the middle

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    Awww! He's so cute and cuddly!

    Bless his little bowcaster, Chewie’s been given the tiny treatment in the form of the Chewbacca Talking 9" Plush. With an oversized noggin and lifelike fur, this galactically cute character also comes packing his trademark bandolier. Squeeze his tummy and he’ll even dish out a good old Wookiee “Haaaaaaarn”. Insightful stuff.

    Whether it’s the kessel run or the school run, he’ll be the perfect co-pilot on any trip you’re likely to make. Just don’t beat him at chess.

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