Chemistry Vase Boiling Flask
  • Chemistry Vase Boiling Flask

Chemistry Vase Boiling Flask

Say it with science

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    Decorate your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge, or secret underground laboratory with the Ball Chemistry Vase. This sublime piece of geek-chic looks just like a classic 1000ml boiling flask, but it’s perfect for holding flowers or growing bamboo.

    Markings on vase Lifestyle shot on desk mad scientist

    Authentic markings

    Brighten up you laboratory

    Science and nature

    Prop a few next to each other and you’ll look like you’re running some kind of eco-friendly experiment – or you’ve discovered the secret recipe for primordial soup. It’s the ideal gift for the mad scientist in your life, or just a great way to relive your school days. Pass the potassium!

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