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Chemistry Terrarium

Experimental Gardening

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Chemistry Terrarium
Love it as much as we do?
  • Science the sh*t out of your houseplants
  • Grow your cacti and succulents in a conical flask
  • Built in 'window' so you can tend to your shrubs
  • Perfect quantities of soil, sand, charcoal and pebbles
  • Create your own mini ecosystem
  • Add a little geek chic to your gardening
Looking after houseplants is always a bit experimental, ie. how many days can you forget to water it before it really starts to die etc.

Styled like a laboratory conical flask, the Chemistry Terrarium comes with everything you need to give your plant the best possible chance of survival – perfect ratios of soil, sand, activated charcoal and pebbles, as well as a built-in window so you can tinker with your shrubs.

Go on, bring a little geek chic to your gardening.

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