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Cheer the F*ck Up Christmas Tea

Christmas cuppa

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Cheer the F*ck Up Christmas Tea
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  • A festive blend of black herbal tea infused with Christmassy candy pieces
  • Guaranteed to cheer you the f*ck up this winter
  • The perfect uplifting gift for all your miserable grinch mates
  • Smells absolutely mind-blowing
  • It's the hot drink equivalent of Lucky Charms, sort of
  • Limited edition tea blend for this Christmas
V - Suitable for Vegetarians
It's dark and miserable outside. It's f*cking freezing. You've scarcely got a week off work for Christmas and you're stuck playing dreadful dinner games with your extended family...

Before you go full-blown Ebenezer Scrooge, pour yourself a steamy cup of Cheer the F*ck Up Christmas Tea. This limited edition festive blend of black herbal tea is littered with Christmas-themed candy pieces and guaranteed to cheer you the f*ck up.

If the candy pieces don't do it, the smell will – with fragrant infusions of cinnamon and clove this powerful tea is a full-on blast of Christmas cheer.
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