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Chat Pillows
  • Chat Pillows

Chat Pillows

Text maniac?

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    OMG it's Elise!

    OMG it's Elise!

    Netspeak, textspeak, internet slang – call it what you like but expressing your emotions across the ether via shorthand is all the rage. So why not celebrate this phenomenon with a few Chat Pillows. They’re gr8!

    Brought to you by Throwboy in the good ol’ US of A, these zeitgeist-riding pillows are fashioned to resemble speech bubbles. Better still they are adorned with popular text lingo. Choose from OMG, LOL and WTF. Confused? If you are then might we suggest you suck on another toffee and go back to shovelling coal in your typewriter.





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    100% fleece

    Handcrafted in 100% fleece, Chat Pillows are stuffed with reassuringly squishy polyester fibre, making them ideal for snuggling into or chucking at annoying geeks unable to communicate in anything other than idiotic textese. OMG! Did we just say that? WTF! LOL!

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