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Unlock the power

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  • The world's most portable USB charging cable for iPhone & Android
  • Fits perfectly on your key chain – never leave home without it
  • Charges and syncs just like your regular cable
  • Made from durable rubber and silicone with scratch-proof connectors
  • No more wires getting tangled up in your bag
  • Stop pestering your colleagues to borrow their charging cables


A wise man once said that nothing is truly portable unless you can comfortably fit it onto your keyring. Well, the ChargeKey is designed to do just that, so you'll always have a spare cable with you – ready to charge and sync your smartphone from any USB port.

Made from a highly durable combination of rubber and silicon, it can be bent, twisted and squished in every direction. The connectors are cleverly engineered to be scratch and damage-resistant, even without covers. In other words, this rugged pocket device is built to survive on your keychain.

Just like your regular charging cable, one end goes into your smartphone and the other plugs into any USB port (computer, wall charger, external battery pack etc). Simple. So the next time you find yourself short of battery-life, you won't have to keep your phone switched off for the whole day or trawl the office begging your colleagues for a spare cable.

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2 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Fun ! Cool to have it on the keychain."
    Bethany - 31st of January, 2017
  • "I bought this as a gift and it was well received, the chargekey itself is sleek, non-obtrusive and fits comfortable on a key chain."
    Rupert - 13th of September, 2016