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Channel 4 News Team Mug
  • Channel 4 News Team Mug
  • Channel 4 News Team Mug

Channel 4 News Team Mug

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  • They're kind of a big deal
  • Drink hot beverages like a classy moustachioed anchorman
  • Fruity message on the base of the mug
  • Perfect for holding your scotchy scotch scotch


News Flash! We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you this important update from the mighty Channel 4 News Team – led by everyone’s favourite classy TV anchorman.

A shipment of mugs has arrived at the Firebox HQ, direct from San Dee-ah-go (which, for our non-German speaking customers, of course means 'a whale’s vagina')* and we love them more than a certain TV weatherman loves other household objects. Honestly, they’re kind of a big deal.

Fill your Channel 4 News Team Mug with scotchy scotch scotch and attempt to wash down a whole wheel of cheese, or drown your sorrows after being told you look like a blueberry with bad hair. Even milk isn’t a bad choice, weather permitting of course. With this mug you can just drink it in, because it always goes down smooth.

Featuring a very familiar News Team’s logo on both sides, this high-quality ceramic mug also comes with a cheeky message on the base. It’s a bit rude and may make you slightly unpopular with people from southern California, but they shouldn't even be mad, in fact, they should be impressed.

Maybe you’re a beautiful, ambitious up-and-coming journalist, or just a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. Either way, the bottom line is this: whether you’re out yogging; enjoying a little afternoon delight or even wielding a trident in brutal street-combat, you want this mug in your life.

Aside from two tickets to the gun show, or a virtuoso yazz flute performance this is the simplest way to stay classy… wherever you are.

*Neither of these are true – the mugs are made in China, and San Dee-ah-go (San Diego) really means Saint Diego in Spanish.

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3 Reviews

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  • "It's kind of a big deal. A perfect accompaniment to my many leather bound books."
    Adam Sarath - 29th of June, 2016
  • "Very funny and better quality than expected!"
    Oliver - 18th of March, 2016
  • "Fulfils all my requirements in a mug; celebrates my love of Anchorman & is also relatively offensive. Also holds tea and coffee superbly."
    Lily - 20th of February, 2015