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Chameleon Discs
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Chameleon Discs

You come and go, you come and go

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    scale/colour changing

    Thermo-active technology
    changes colour with heat!

    Remember those t-shirts that changed colour when you got hot? What a nightmare. Behold, my armpits! Thankfully that craze died a death, but we’re glad the technology behind it didn’t. Because, when it’s not telling tales on your hot bits, it can be awfully good fun.

    Take Chameleon Discs. These foamy fliers would just be regular frisbees, but thanks to their thermo-active technology they change colour in your hand! Great fun for making imprints of your mitts, or watching it change colour in the sunshine. The soft material also makes Chameleon Discs ace for lobbing around indoors. Grab one and make your mark!

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