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Chameleon Candles

The candle with ever-changing moods.

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    Chameleon Candle

    Chameleon Sphere Candle

    These days candles come in all shapes, sizes and scents. From tea lights and tapers to juniper and jasmine, these wondrous wax 'n' wick creations have been lighting up our lives for aeons.

    And despite today's cutting edge technology the humble candle is still going strong. Why? Because it creates an ambience that artificial lighting simply can't compete with. In fact we thought candles couldn't be improved upon. After all, 'Neon lit dinner for two' just doesn't pinch our wicks in terms of atmosphere.

    Chameleon Candle

    Chameleon Star Candle

    But all this was before we witnessed the unparalleled beauty of the amazing Chameleon Candle. Once lit this ingenious candle gently changes colour as the evening progresses. And we're not talking garish neon shades; the Chameleon Candle cycles through a kaleidoscope of soft and sensual colours that will enthral and enchant all who encounter it.

    Chameleon Candle


    You're probably wondering how this miracle in wax actually works. Chemicals? Nuclear fusion? Heat sensitive thingamabobs? A tiny pixie with a magic torch? Actually it's none of the above; the Chameleon Candle has an ingenious battery-powered LED cleverly built into its waxy innards. Smart, eh? Hit the switch and simply light the wick to activate the LED and trigger the candle's mesmerising light show.

    Chameleon Candle

    Chameleon Heart Candle

    Needless to say, the Chameleon Candle is best suited to darkened rooms, especially ones that are hosting romantic evening soirees. The gentle glow it generates is impressive enough, but we guarantee guests will be utterly agog when the candle starts changing colour. Indeed if the Chameleon Candle is placed on the dinner table you'll see fellow diners in a whole new light. In fact you'll see them in several new lights. We never thought we'd say this but the future's bright, the future's orange... and lilac, and pink and peach and... well, you get the idea.

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