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    Can you name more US states than your mates? Can you sing more Madonna songs than your girlfriend? Can you juggle a hacky sack better than your Dad? Can you work out what on earth we're talking about? Probably not. And that's because you've never played Chalenj!


    Lift the Chalenj! trophy

    Chalenj! (pronounced sha-longe) is a hilarious game of one-upmanship that's destined to become an all-time classic. And we should know because we can't stop playing. The idea is to race around the board in order to lift the Chalenj! trophy. On the way you'll be required to make a complete and utter spanner out of yourself as you take on hilarious 'Chalenjes' and 'Chalenj!' opponents by slapping down the fearsome Chalenj! Glove.


    Test your body

    Test your brain

    Test you individually

    Test everything and anything else


    How many star jumps can
    you do in a 30 seconds?

    Each Chalenj! is initially open to bidding - for instance you might think you can do five silly walks, a friend might claim he can do six. If you decide to Chalenj! your most boastful friend you must slap down the glove. Players then have just 30 seconds to perform their Chalenj! - and the results are invariably side-splitting. The first player to get to the end of the board and perform three additional Chalenjes is the winner. Phew!


    Chalenj! ball

    It doesn't matter if it's a physical, mental, mystery or personal Chalenj!, you'll soon find your competitive side rearing its ugly head, especially if you've had a few shandies. Whether you're being forced to sing three Abba songs, dance eight different dances or name six types of nut, trying to do it in 30 seconds is always a challenge (yes, we got bored with spelling it their way).


    Target Mat

    Mega Mat

    This really is one of the most entertaining games we've ever had the pleasure to play - and we've played a few. So here's a challenge for you: we think you should order Chalenj! in ten seconds...actually make it five...oh, just hit the Buy button for goodness sake!

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