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      Although you're probably sitting on one right now, the average chair is rarely regarded as a particularly entertaining object. Useful, yes. Amusing and engaging, no. (Unless of course you include its pivotal role in schoolboy-esque pranks involving drawing pins and/or chewing gum). That's why we weren't exactly doing cartwheels of excitement when we first heard about a game involving an entire box full of miniaturised four-legged furnishings. Thankfully, Chairs impressed us hugely, which is why we're now giving you the chance to enjoy the delights of this nerve-jangling game of skill and balance.

      Chairs But hang on a minute...multipacks of colourful yet inexpensive plastic chairs? Here at Firebox? Fear not, we haven't been taken over by Scandinavian furniture giants and you won't have to laboriously assemble each chair yourself, resulting in blistered hands. We have, however, been totally gripped by this simple but ridiculously addictive stacking game.

      Chairs Basically, Chairs is a bit like Jenga in reverse. The idea is to get rid of all your chairs before your opponents by carefully adding to the stack. Whoever topples the teetering pile loses. It's as simple as that. And that's the clever bit. Because like many of the world's simplest games, Chairs is infuriatingly hard to master. There are eight different styles of chair amongst the 24 included, so players have to adapt their technique and strategy every time they play. Failure to do so will bring the whole pile crashing down. If you've ever played the big boys version of Chairs in the pub with real furniture (or is that just us?) you'll know what a challenging balancing act this is.

      Chairs All in all, Chairs is the best thing to happen to the world of furniture since Chippendale picked up a chisel. And in terms of value/pick-up-and-play entertainment value, it's hard to beat. Timberrrr!

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