Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

Chair Socks

Rest your weary legs

Product not available at the moment.
  • Soft underwear for your upholstery
  • No more scratched floors or unbearable screeching noises
  • Nice and stretchy – one size fits most chairs
  • Made from an ultra durable double-layered acrylic blend
  • 4 socks in a pack, perfect for pimping your cat/dog/zimmer frame
You know how chairs make that horrendous screeching noise as they're dragged carelessly across the floor? That's actually the sound of them crying out in pain because you're hurting their delicate bare feet.

Now your can put an end to their lamentable plight by sheathing the ends of their slender legs in these soft and snuggly Chair Socks. Think of them as undergarments for your upholstery, stockings for your stools, they're already massive in Japan (where all lasting trends are born) and are about to explode globally.

They're made from a durable acrylic-polyester blend and styled like dinky little kitten paws. Just slip 'em on and kiss goodbye to all those brain-shuddering scraping noises and heinous scratches on your pristine laminate floor.

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