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Centre Stage PA System
  • Centre Stage PA System

Centre Stage PA System

If it’s too loud you’re too old!

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    put your iPod or iPhone on the side of the speaker

    Hook your iPod or iPhone on the side

    The art of noisemaking has become incredibly wimpy in recent years: compact docks, piddly portable speakers, unplugged gigs – what you need is a full-on PA. So prepare for an awesome audio onslaught as you give playlists and riffs some proper oomph with the Centre Stage PA System.

    A complete sound system, the Centre Stage consists of two full-range 50W speakers, a sturdy stand, built-in mixer and microphone. There’s even a cradle for your iPod. ‘Yeah, Justin Bieber rocks*!’


    Nice adjustable speaker stands and lots of input and output options

    It might be relatively compact but this is no mouse-breaking-wind pretend PA; it delivers a knockout sonic punch, making it ideal for DJs, party organisers, sonorous iPod fans, musicians, singers, stand-ups and anyone else who loves it loud. Best of all, you won’t need a gang of grubby roadies to move it from A to B. WE SAID, YOU WON’T NEED…oh forget it, let’s party.

    *He doesn’t.

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